Parking Solutions Las Vegas

Full Service Parking Company

  • Valet Parking
  • Bellman Service
  • Greeter Service
  • High Profile Parking Attendants
  • Parking Garage Management
  • Consulting Services

Special Events & Residential Functions

  • Weddings
  • Engagement Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday Parties
  • Open Houses
  • Grand Openings


  • Hotels & Casinos
  • Night Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals & Medical Centers
  • Shoppping Malls
  • Condos & High Rises

It Pays to Outsource In-House vs. Contractor

Benefits of Outsourcing

  • No Scheduling
  • No Overtime Costs
  • No Staff Shortages
  • 24 Hour Supervision
  • No Hiring & Training
  • No Damage Liability Costs
  • No Workers Compensation
  • No Internal Payroll Handling


Parking Solutions supplies field personnel whose sole function is to visit locations and supervise employees. In an in-house operation, a security supervisor typically performs this function. While these may be excellent and well-meaning employees, they have little or no parking experience and have other tasks which they view as having higher priority.

Claims Management and Insurance Adjusting

When vehicle damage or incidents occur, the involved parties are anxious to know who, if anyone is going to solve their problem. In an in-house operation, the property manager will be the one to handle the situation. Even the simplest problems can be time consuming and difficult to deal with. The patrons are seldom pleased regardless of who is at fault, and they want an immediate answer.

Parking Solutions will handle all of this for the property manager. In most cases, there is no interaction between the involved parties and the property management. If someone needs to be the “bad guy,” it is better that it be the parking manager than the property manager.

Additionally, Parking Solutions will defend all claims on behalf of the property. All legal bills that the property owner is currently paying will cease to exist. All Workman’s Compensation claims against the owner will also cease to exist and will not affect the Workman’s Compensation rating for the owner.

Employee Replacement and Training

When an in-house parking employee is absent for any reason, whether scheduled or unscheduled, finding a trained employee to fill in is a problem for property management. There is no pool of trained employees to step up and fill in.

Parking Solutions has created a staff of trained employees who are ready to go to work at any time. Unlike our competitors, Parking Solutions screens them, checks their driving records and has trained these employees. Parking Solutions is committed to providing you with top-notch valet parking attendants.

Time Savings

The management of parking ranks relatively low on the priority list of all of the areas for which the property manager is responsible. And yet, the impact from customer service can be great. The amount of time necessary to manage all of the little tasks related to a parking operation is in large relation to all of the other areas that a property manager has to manage. It is certainly more important to spend time on the more profitable areas of your business than to have to spend time in the parking garage. There are of course, many more examples where a property manager can make better use of their time than dealing with parking. While Parking Solutions takes care of the day to day operations we also communicate effectively with the property manager.