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Parking Solutions is a local parking company owned and operated by Daniel T. Austin. Since 1995, Parking Solutions has had a good standing relationship in the Las Vegas marketplace and is committed to being a permanent presence in the city. We pride ourselves on our client relationships and are pleased to say that we still operate our first valet parking account, Polo Towers. There is only one reason for that, consistent high quality service at a fair price. We consider ourselves a parking department within your team and strive to represent you with the excellence you demand.

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Client Testimonials

Parking Solutions have consistently proven themselves to be trustworthy, on time, professional and well organized. Their rates are very fair for the consistent quality performance they provide.

Meehan & Associates
Since 1995
Dan and his crew have always been responsive to our needs, regardless of the hour, and professionally managed any situation that arose. The quality and level of service provided by Parking Solutions reflects well on us and increases the real and perceives value of ownership
Polo Towers Las Vegas
Since 1995
Just an over-and-above example of customer service, even in the middle of an incredibly hectic situation…both the dispatchers and the attendant who walked me to my car couldn’t have been more kind. I will recommend your company to any I hear requesting valet parking services for an event
Erika Yowell
Special Event